ALC Leadership Development

What is Leadership Development?

The Leadership Development program at ALC is designed to help our students grow as leaders in their communities. Through the LD program, students connect with school-based programs and outside organizations that can match a wide range of student interests. Students are also able to design their own LD program and complete internships at local schools, hospitals, and animal shelters. Our students have worked at city hall and in the offices of school board members. They have shadowed neurosurgeons and presented their own clothing brand to a multi-billion dollar clothing company. They've made films that have landed them in film festivals and worked with internationally-known muralists to design murals for the community. There is no limit to what you can do in LD.

Check out our LD courses to see some of the amazing programs we have to offer!

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The 9th Grade Workshop Series

In the 9th grade, students venture through a series of workshops deigned to give them a foundation before they start to develop their own Leadership Development journey. The five workshops explore: careers, college, nutrition, community organizing and work readiness.

School-Based LD Programs

ALC offers over 20 different clubs and programs on the Miguel Contreras campus, including the Gender-Sexuality Alliance, Anime Club, School of Rock, Rollerskating Club, Bring Change to Mind and more! Students can also participate in our Cobra Athletics programs.

Partnership LD Programs

ALC works with dozens of outside organizations to provide leadership opportunities for our students. If you're interested in extreme sports, join Stoked. Stoked exposes students snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing and a whole lot more to get excited about. If you're interested in dance or other fine arts, then Inner City Arts has a ton of great programs for our students to take advantage of. Want to be an architect? We've partnered with the ACE Mentor program to give our students exposure on what it means to design building and further build up our great city. 

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