Aimee Tolentino was part of the first graduating class from ALC/MCLC back in 2007. She joined AVID, Upward Bound at Occidental College, UCLA after school program, and the USC summertime program. She attended California State University at Los Angeles, where she majored in Nursing, then later changed her major to Public Health and received her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Public Health. During her college years, Aimee worked at ALC as an AVID tutor and interned for Good Samaritan Hospital, St. Vincent, and Columbus School based clinic. She now works for Southern California Hospital as an Infection Control Coordinator preventing the spread of diseases in the hospital. Fun Fact! Aimee was the first ASB Treasurer at ALC.


Maria Martinez graduated from ALC in 2012 and she graduated cum laude from Tufts University in 2016, with a Bachelor of Arts in History. Some of Maria’s highlights at Tufts include writing a research paper on the history of Central American immigrants within her Los Angeles neighborhood, winning an award from the History Department, and having the opportunity to study abroad in London. Maria is now working at a prestigious law firm in Boston and plans to go to law school within the next few years, with the hopes of starting a career as an immigration lawyer. Fun Fact! Maria and several ALC alumni produced a short documentary film that was nominated at the Latin American Cinemateca of Los Angeles’ Student Film Festival in 2011.


Melissa Macias graduated from ALC in 2014 and is currently a senior at UC Davis. She is pursuing a bachelors of science in Community and Regional Development with a minor in writing. Two of her proudest college achievements were her study abroad opportunities in Barcelona, Spain and Sydney, Australia. As graduation approaches, Melissa sees herself working on helping bridge the educational gap that exists amongst low-income schools in Los Angeles, CA. Fun fact! Melissa played a total of 4 volleyball seasons, 4 softball seasons and 2 soccer seasons for MCLC.


Jonathan Valenzuela graduated from ALC at MCLC in 2007. He is proud to say he was part of the first graduating class the school had when it opened. He attended San Francisco State University and graduated from California State University, Los Angeles with a Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology. Jonathan is currently clearing his credential as a Physical Education Teacher and working in the same community he grew up. Providing students with equal access to education is a huge priority for Jonathan while making the experience fun. Jonathan was able to continue his baseball career as a coach and player after high school. He currently is the Athletic Director at his school and  developing a more robust sports program for his students that connects student academic success with physical activity. Fun Fact! Jonathan was voted Most Athletic during his Senior Year at ALC.