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ALC Professional Development

Peer Observation Teams:

Group 1


Ms. DeSmet

Ms. DiPasquo

Ms. Lee

Ms. Romanak

Mr. Gililand

Mr. Rodriguez


Group 2


Ms. Smitiwitaya

Mr. Nittle

Mr. French

Mr. Herrmann

Ms. Carver


Group 3


Ms. Yap

Ms. Drinkward

Mr. Amin

Mr. Guevara

Ms. Emerick


Group 4


Mr. Molnar

Mr. Martin-Rowe

Mr. Castillo

Mr. Ortiz

Ms. Flores

Ms. Gifford



Peer Observation Deadlines:
January 26th, 2016
February 16th, 2016
March 8th, 2016
April 12th, 2016
May 3rd, 2016
May 24th, 2016
PD Planning Schedule:
 *Subject to change based on schedule and identified needs
DATE PD Focus Team Rotation
1/12/16 WICOR - Reading and Writing (Scott) Grade Level Teams
1/19/16 GATE Student Focus - Differentiation (Scott) Content Teams - GATE student discussion
1/26/16 WICOR Observation Teams  - - - 
2/2/16 Anti-Bullying Curriculum (Chantile) Pathways Teams - Student-Led Conferences
2/9/16 WICOR - Inquiry and Reading 1 (Sandi)  Committees
2/16/16 WICOR Observation Teams Pathways Teams
2/23/16 WICOR - Working with Difficult Texts (Scott) Content Teams
3/1/16 WICOR - Clarity in Student Writing 1 (Andy) Grade Level Teams
3/8/16 WICOR Observation Teams Committees
 3/15/16  WICOR - Inquiry and Reading 2 (Math Focus)  Content Teams
3/29/16 Student Success Focus (Scott) Pathways Teams
4/5/16 WICOR - Clarity in Student Writing 2 (Scott) Committees
4/12/16 WICOR Observation Teams Grade Level Teams
4/19/16 Block Schedule Planning- Nicole Content Teams
4/26/16 WICOR - Inquiry and Reading 3 (Sandi) Pathways Teams
5/3/16 WICOR Observation Teams Committees
5/10/16 WICOR - Inquiry and Reading 4 Grade Level Teams
5/17/16 WICOR - Clarity in Student Writing 3 (Scott) Content Teams
5/24/16 WICOR Observation Teams Pathways Teams
5/31/16 TBD Committees